Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Wizard wastes no time in getting to the point. I am in a full on training week, albeit light.... it's full on. Which might seem a little much this time of season. I have spent much of my adult life training upwards of 20 hours per week so beginning at 14 is not truly that big of a deal. All of it is easy, most of it is form work and technique. This morning a three hour ride and I am drooling in anticipation. I have been blessed to be injury free, thanks to the Wizard who so appropriately knows how to structure my day, my week, my season. Not one niggle, not one ounce of sore, not one ache or pain has come to me since I have been under his guidance.

Back to the early mornings...... it's funny how this sport can be. Those of us who work and have families think nothing of rising at 4am on a daily basis to get our hours and miles in. For some reason this fascinates other people, but when you have spent your life getting up at 4am you begin to realize the true beauty of it. I can't tell you how many mornings I have driven to the pool under the light of the moon. Better yet run on moonlit streets with nothing to make noise except the sound of my breath and some deer.

To others the lure of the evening is the same as the beauty of the morning. It just depends on your internal clock and what's right for you. Every day of my off season I was awake by 3:30am, just like a regular training day. There was one day I did sleep until 8am and I had this odd feeling that half the day was gone.

Simply put, I adore the early mornings.

Yesterday was the first day in years that I got to immerse myself 110% in Train-This Multisport activities. My training is usually done by the time Luc goes to school. Off he went to school, off Curt went to work, and it was Cocoa, coffee and I in my office. For the first time in ages I didn't have a looming paper or final. It was me and my athletes. I got so so much done. By the way our friends at
TWIN Advertising are busy creating a new website with us, you can check out our temporary home complete with some training tips right here. Notice we've got three coaches now as well!

I spent the morning organizing their files, scrolling through their programs, reviewing the paperwork for the new athletes we have coming on board. Planning the three camps we have. Getting ready for the weekend.

This weekend we are taking most of the team down to
Tri Spot Multisport in Buffalo. Tri Spot Multisport is a unique training center / store / bike shop / hangout. They've got eight computrainers, an endless pool, treadmills, and all the gear you could imagine. My good friend Kevin Patterson owns it and he's been gracious enough to open for my team this weekend.

We will run through power tests, heart rate tests, swim analysis complete with above and below water video, body composition testing. We have the fit kit for our team uniforms this season and I am so so so so excited about this. We've got a massive team this season and trust me, you will know who we are. We did our first round of team gear in 2007 and this season we will have a brighter and distinct look about us!

I have been so fortunate throughout the past five years to have incredible people to work with and to experience growth in a business that's a luxury. With that being said the reports throughout the past 12 months have shown that folks are putting their money into health and wellness opportunities, a beautiful trend in our society.

I see excuses to not exercise truly beginning to fade, as they are replaced with goals, events, dreams, ideas. It's no longer.... I don't have time to take care of myself...... it's becoming...... what can I do to achieve?

I think that's the most beautiful trend of the year.

As I worked away in my home office I reminded myself of how blessed I am to be able to work from home in this business. I truly love it. I am still a pediatric emergency nurse however, I still work 2 days a week. I can not imagine ever giving that up. It connects me to reality. It allows me to have the chance to give back. It challenges me.

Thinking ahead to the future for the first time in so long I got to take some time and think about, and begin to plan where I would like Train-This to be five years from now. It excited me, raised my heart rate a lot. I am realizing that life is truly an opportunity and it is up to us to create our own luck. What's that saying.... the harder we work the better our luck becomes?

So now is a wonderful time to contact us if you are seeking someone to guide you through your multisport season. Our 3 USAT Certified Coaches have the experience and ability to build a program completely to you, completely to fit your life, and to guarantee you meet your goals.

Our ultimate goal is to get you active, moving, participating.

We want to see you achieve.

We want to see you grow.

We want your kids to not sit on the side of the pool and watch you.... we want them in the game.

We want to build performances out of health and sportsmanship and good will.

It's funny how the Train-This Team has evolved over the years. When you join us you become part of this family. It's like Cheers..... everyone knows your name. From Atlanta, to N'Orleans, Memphis, Montreal, Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester...... we know one another. Blame it on the mad google group conversations we all have, blame it on the training sessions we do together, blame it on us just meshing. I can't imagine the athletes we work with not knowing one another. They give one another such support and friendship it's incredibly moving.

Every single day I pinch myself that I have had such good fortune in creating this business. I have been so lucky. My athletes are amazing people. They accomplish things that are never recognized on a daily basis. They achieve things that sometimes just they and I celebrate. But I celebrate each of their victories much harder than I do my own.

So we are moving forward on all positive fronts possible. 2010 looks to be the brightest year yet.... personally, athletically, professionally. Thanks so much for your support as well. The thousand of you who stop by each day mean a lot to me, for whatever reason you are stopping by. I hope that I can help your training and or your life in some way.

We will be getting back to the coaching files, drop me a note if there is something you'd like to read about!

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Kim said...

I loved this post! So freakin positive and upbeat. I'm excited for you Mary and I like the name of the new blog.. very cool. Well, I'll be looking for your team out there on the course to do some big doubt. Ok.. 3:30 in the morning.. you are a superstar. I have trouble with 5:30 but I do it! You're started again and I'm sitting around on my hiney.. o well.. it happens! Take care and keep it up!!