Monday, December 7, 2009

of course!

I took an exam on the GI system on Thursday, my final Pathophysiology exam. The core of the exam focused on the physiology of GI illness, diarrhea, vomiting, the CTZ center. Which was incredibly ironic that I began a full fledged session of Montezuma's Revenge on Friday.

Conversion disorder?

I was convinced it was..... until I walked in the house and found the sub ten doode with the barf bucket in hand. Whew, I thought. I am not crazy (shut up).

When I did make it to work last night for my weekly night shift (which I do have to add is a whole lotta fun when you work with some pretty amazing people) the gasp was not about how horrible I looked but for the lack of coffee in my hand. Then it was to me.

Two hours later I was sent home. You are not allowed to be sick when you are a pediatric emergency nurse. But when you are, show up and it will be taken care of.

Which brings me to this morning and the best meal I have ever eaten in my life: two pieces of toast, a banana and a Diet Pepsi. (I don't even drink Diet Pepsi). It was Thanksgiving all over again! Heaven!

Today is going much better for me. Seems Montezuma/conversion disorder has claimed a new victim. In a house where we are rarely sick it's big news when we are. I of course fear what every mother fears..... our son getting sick. With all of his issues and experiences I can count on one hand how many times he has thrown up in his nine years...... twice. He's also had one ear infection. I would have traded open heart surgery for a few rounds of puke, but beggars can't be choosers.

Cross our fingers he escapes the revenge.

Excitedly I logged into my QT2 account as soon as I woke up and felt nauseous again. fourteen hours on tap including a 3 hour ride on Thursday. (note to self: reassemble bike tonight). Holy cow, I thought.

No rest for the wicked..... or should I say for those who have things to do and places to be in 2010. If I had just read that one someone else's blog I would have had a heyday! Too much volume! She will be injured by January! What the HECK!

I have to remember who my coach is. I have to remember his track record. I have to remember that this is the coach I came to to bring me to an entirely new level. I am willing to go out on the limb, and go to the places I have never gone, and do the things I have never done.

Fourteen easy hours...... fourteen I shall then do. I am meeting with Jesse this evening and then I will have our goals, aspirations and dreams.

While I might be existing on toast and bananas for today....... I know that come Sunday I will be back to my old self, my old strength, my bike seat and my new running form.

Hope you are all ready, because this year is going to be great! Of course!

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