Monday, August 31, 2009


There are 2 signs that Autumn has arrived. Cool morning workouts and mallow creme pumpkins. Which incidentally are not on the core diet. This is not good. It is especially not good when I walked out to my car the other morning and found a bag of mallow creme pumpkins on my windshield. Bastard! I thought although I smiled. I have a friend.... who I have been out of touch with for a long time, who will leave me this bad of pumpkins a few times per year. They knows it's my Achilles heel. What made me sadder was that I miss my friend. However.... every time they get somewhere in their life they have this insane way of messing it up and causing incredible drama. Every single time. Even with my friendship.

But the pumpkins made me laugh. Those were some fun training rides back then.

The pumpkins made me think about our community. How it's growing and deepening. How on my team we are like family. Yesterday was no exception as Ken was down in Louisville. He had an incredible day, a perfectly paced day which earned him an 11:48 in his first Ironman. From broken neck to Ironman.

All day long as I had predicted the texts and emails were flying. I declared the new rule that no one races without either Trakkers or MapMyAthlete. EVER again. I just can't take it. I spoke with Ken after his finish and the elation of Ironman just shined through.

I love that. I love that we all had our eyes on the game our hearts in the air. We all waited as each of our friends' respective days unfolded. Ryan flying his way to a 9:38 and a Kona spot (YEAH WHITE HOT) and Chad throwing down another sub 10 finish.... weeks after PLACID!

It's a day where you can set everything else aside and celebrate life. Celebrate achievement a year in the making. When we can reach out via phone, text, email, facebook..... we can reach out to one another and embrace the community that we are.

I remember the day I met Curt and how than began a long history of memories. Of good times. I am so lucky to share this sport with my spouse. Sunday was his long day. While Luc and I played he was out there in the cool but sunny afternoon chasing his Ironman, chasing himself, taking the gift of time.

As we move forward into the fall .... the arm warmers are ready. The training is lined up. I sit on the morning of a long training week full of intensity. One more week until I get to again race. This time it will be in the beauty of New Hampshire. And I will be racing for flowers (right Elaine?).

I did not eat the mallow creme pumpkins. I gave them away. It tore me a little because I didn't want to give away the gesture, but the gesture's point was taken and taken well. The days we used to eat a whole bag of those things. Good times.

Just like there are a lot more good times coming. And memories to be filed in the memory bank. The arrival of fall means that it's getting closer. I can't wait.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The bike was loaded, power meter calibrated and the iPod was ready. As I clipped one foot in I looked outside. What was that, a brightness... a sudden brightness to the grey and rainy sky....... it was the sun! As quickly as I could I strapped on my helmet and pulled the bike off the computrainer. Maybe I would get some road time after all rather than spend 3 hours and 38 minutes on the trainer. In the summer!


The ride was great. Unexpected sunshine, parameters met, roads I have not ridden much, just wandering west, then east, then south and then north. Hills, flats, curves, straightaways. There aren't many of these left so I was taking it all in. The greenery, the good roads, the farmlands..... the houses where weddings were being held, the sound of children laughing and playing.

I promised myself I was not going to feel guilty about this ride. I promised my husband wouldn't either. "Take a break" he said. The greatest gift you can give to me sometimes is four hours to myself. Especially during these 2 and 1/2 weeks when I am literally doing it all.

As I transitioned off the bike and onto the run the guys were just home after spending some man time together. As I talk with people at work and in other venues I realize every single day what an amazing father my husband is. They have their man time a lot and they need to have it. They are such buddies. And Cocoa too. I am still getting used to having a dog. She's great.

The run felt pretty good although the day was wearing on a bit. I made the mistake of taking in about 80 less calories per hour during the workout and it was showing up on the run. I had just wanted to see what would happen. I won't do that again.

As I sit here in my favorite "coffee chair" this morning in the kitchen I am trying to soak up the silence of four something am. By far it's the best time of day. I have been texting with Ken, one of my athletes as he is in Kentucky waking up for an Ironman today. After my bike and long run, a yoga class to teach and then I am plugged in to Ironman the rest of the day.

It's such a strange feeling when I have an athlete racing a far away race. I want to be there. I want him to see and hear his team as we scream for him. The texts and emails and phone calls are going to be flying today. we have a pretty tight team. We are like a family here. All thirty of us will be checking in with each other all day long. How's he doing... anyone hear.... where is he on the course....... why didn't he get Trakkers or Map My Athlete........ we will all be on edge today.

It's a fun edge. An exciting edge. Ken broke his C2 last fall in Austin. Crashed his bike, finished the race, flew home with us and went to the doctor 3 days later to find out he was a breath away from....... dead. Fracturing your C2..... not the one you want to fracture. An absolute miracle he's alive, never mind paralyzed. And here he is on the edge of the Ironman. He's come so far in so many ways. I know what he's feeling right now and what I can't wait is to talk to him later today. When the fear evaporates and the thrill of the Ironman medal is around his neck.

So today here's to Ken. And to Ryan. And to Chad. To all of the friends we have racing today. May your races be smooth, may the wind be at your back. Know that you are not alone today. Listen and listen close because in the dark miles of that marathon when you feel completely alone.... listen carefully because that roar in the sky is all of s cheering. Every time you hit that timing mat you are letting us all know you are okay.

We are a family.... all of us. That's why I love this sport!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

good to the body

Saturday mornings ..... as a kid I remember a few hours of cartoons. I offer our son the same. The one morning of the week where at least during the school year you can be pretty much brainless. Curt heads out for his long run, I get Saturday afternoons to do my thing.

It's a definite balance between us. Because right now with school out I am stay home Mom + wife extraordinaire + Peds ER nurse + triathlon coach + yoga teacher + athlete + student..... I am putting a lot of hours into the day and Saturday afternoons are some time to myself. Typically I am up and at it by 4-5am. Having worked until midnight Friday I get a few hours of zzzz's, I get to teach my yoga class as 10:30 and then some Mom time. I used to feel guilty about taking time during a Saturday for me but my husband has otherwise convinced me. We do a lot as a family and this evening we will hang out as a family. We each need our time, including Luc.

It's likely going to rain but I don't care. It's still a warm rain. It's still silence around me. It's still just my bike and I. I love the simplicity of that.

Friday morning I completed my workouts and was very relived to see no more weight training on the schedule for the season. I know... I know..... we all have differing opinions on weight training. I just do what I am told. I have my athletes cycle through weight training, albeit differently than the Wizard creates ours. I am open to learning anything because it makes me a better athlete and it makes me a better coach.

I was relieved because I could not seem to locate my legs. First time this whole season that has happened. I don't know why but I am never sore, I never feel like death, I never feel like I have lead in my legs. As I finally have that feeling I am smiling. It means "something is about to crack" as the Wizard would say.

Next week brings back intensity, hope my legs come around for it.

As we are learning ......the piece that nutrition plays into our recovery is gigantic. I linked this article by The Wizard yesterday but I think it's worth a second and third look. Another article worth a look is this one. I am far from the end point on my nutrition journey but as I am coming into my own here I feel like nutritionally I am an entirely different person.

I have to say again and again that this "core diet" is based on health first. It isn't Atkins, low carb or anything like that. For me it is lifestyle. For me it has brought me into better health. As a coach it has caused me to pay better attention and educate myself about the importance of nutrition and how we can bring it into our daily lives. I have to say that recently I learned that there are some coaches out there who have gone to Jesse for a nutritional analysis and then turn it around and sell it to their athletes as if it is their own. I don't know why that bothers me. This isn't something he invented. I just know that he really does his homework, his research and puts a lot of thought and work into all of this. To rip it off and market it as yours is not giving credit where credit is due. But that's besides the point.......

Our body needs nutrients and minerals and all that good stuff to repair itself and ultimately recover from the big weeks and the hard days. This is not to say that the Reese's Cups don't have a place, they do. If you understand where that place lies.... then they become even sweeter.

We track the miles we log, we track our power pace heart rate. It only makes sense to bring in the most important piece of this puzzle, which is nutrition. I am ashamed that I went for so long not thinking about it at all. What am I putting in my body, what am I using to fuel my body, what am I using to nourish my body?

Moving forward into the big weeks I have on tap nutrition keeps it's place in the limelight. I think my improved nutrition has helped more than the compression socks and ice baths have (and those are important)...... but healing my body from the inside out from the daily stress of training working and doing everything that I do in 24 hours is really a big key for me.

It is worth a look, worth an analysis, worth a thought. My legs thank me, maybe yours will too!

Friday, August 28, 2009

no one says it better

Here is a great training and nutrition article by the Wizard click here to check it out!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


It seems I missed the words "HILL BOUNDING" in next weeks schedule, when I for some reason thought that I'd be all endurance through Pumpkinman and then ramp up the effort. Hmmmm...... well look at some of those workouts. It appears the endurance vacation is about to be over and the build to Clearwater is game on. Starting Monday.

When I met with my advisor a few months ago outlining the degree plan for my Masters degree, it seemed a lot like my annual training plan, or histogram as the Wizard calls it. My advisor warned me however "This will be overwhelmingly difficult" he said, "You will have to curb all other activities." I smiled at him. Trust me sir, you don't know what hard really is. And I am not even talking about multisport here.

I know how many hours studying and paper writing and then eventually clinical will require. Just like I know how much time attaining a personal best and sub ten Ironman in 2010 will require. They mix, they match. I know how many hours I need to work at each of my jobs to remain financially secure and keep my savings.

I think those who falter are those who fail to look at the big picture and see how it fits together. Well, at least I'd fail. My weeks from Sept through December are outlined in terms of work and study and training. It's boring and predictable but that's how I work, that's how I roll. I know what's coming, it helps tremendously with my stress level and I do not get overwhelmed.

As I spoke with my advisor I thought "This guy needs to go for a good run. Or a brisk walk at the very least".

So with this we are about to close the door on the 2009 season and open the door on the 2010 season. This is one of my favorite times of the year with my athletes because it's where we get to take a look at how we have done, we are bringing on several athletes this next season and we are looking like our team will fill up again and fill up soon. Shoot me an email if you are interested in joining us.

I am really proud to say that I retain most of my athletes from year to year, some move on, some move into our alumni status, but most stay here. I have been really really fortunate to develop some wonderful long term relationships with this team and I can truly say that we are a team, we are a family. We've just developed a new logo and are in the process of getting a brand new batch of team uniforms, so locally you'll recognize us right away!

I get to see such changes within the athletes that I work with, not because of me, but because as their coach I get a window into their lives. I get to meet their families, get to see what they do to make life and sport function together. I get to set goals with them, I get to know them and I get to share my sport with them.

You may have won mega millions, but truly I feel like I am the one who has struck gold.

In this lifestyle that we choose to live, for me at least it is about community, it's about balance, it's about making things work. It's finding a way to live and live well, live healthy, live strong. Live to the fullest. Our way happens to be a swim a bike and a run. But it gives us passion. Your way might be to pop open a brew ha ha and light up. Hey if that makes you happy enjoy.

We pop open our brew ha ha's as well...... but don't tell anyone. I don't want to ruin our image.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know that my morning lake swims are coming to a close, just like the 5am bike rides on the roads. The sun is up later and setting earlier, and while I absolutely love the change of season and scenery that the four seasons brings.... I am not ready.

Next week I begin graduate school, a three year journey to my Master's degree (I will be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner). On one hand it feels like it will be forever, on the other hand, it's all in balance. I cut a little bit from everything that I do and classes are part time. When you begin a program like this you are often told of it's difficulty and how you won't have time for triathlon, or this, or that.

That's never been true for me, nor will it ever be.

There's never a time where my life will only be one thing. I find the balance, I find time for the outlet that triathlon gives me. I do a lot of my studying on the bike trainer. I tape lectures and listen to them again while riding or running.

I believe that as long as you keep things in balance there is time for everything.

I am excited about this journey, it comes at a good time in my life.

Summer coming to a close means Luc begins school in 2 weeks. He is doing really well. As you might remember I had pulled him out of his former in the spring for 10 weeks and he began a new school in May. He attended all summer long and loved it. He got himself up, dressed and on the bus each morning. He couldn't wait to get there. He's made friends, he talks to his friends on the phone. I don't have a whole new kid..... I have a kid who is in the right place and in the right hands. As a mother it's my job .... as right now he's just 8..... to protect him and the situations he is in. He's been in so many difficult situations and around people who just don't understand him..... who claim it's a "behavioral issue"...... and now we've got him in a place that understands truly who he is.

We've been seeing an amazing specialist over the summer, and we had the most amazing visit yesterday. Three times he stood up and gave Luc a standing ovation for his work and his progress over the summer. With tears in my eyes I listened to the doctor read me his dictation from his last visit...... he was comparing it to this current visit and the progress was unbelievable.

I have been learning a lot from this specialist. What I like is that he's a teacher and he's a good teacher. I learned that it is common for children on the spectrum to love roller coasters and scary movies, two things which Luc himself loves.

Scary movies and roller coasters allow kids to explore the edges of their imagination, it's a safe place for them to do so. This allows them to play that edge and build resiliency.

Wow. That's neat.

Perhaps it's the same thing that we do in our sport. We get to play our edges a bit. We set goals that might frighten us and then we take small steps to achieve and overcome and get to that goal. We build our own resiliency in an environment that is safe to do so. We become stronger because we keep placing ourselves in situations where we have to be. We step outside of our box of safety and make that reach knowing full well there will be critics and there will be naysayers..... there are always more of those than there are people who will support and believe in you.

In fact I know there are people who are watching my journey with Jesse and QT2 who are in my sport..... and doubt me.

I will never..... ever...... ever listen to them. The only one I will ever listen to is me. To my heart. To my dreams.

Which is why I forge ahead unafraid. To grad school, in growing my business, to challenging my husband to a head to head Ironman battle. I don't believe I can..... I know I can. While I am not a great big fan of roller coasters this allows me to play on the edges of my imagination. To get out there and get a little dirty, be a little vulnerable, dare myself to fail and dare myself to succeed.

Why don't you?

Monday, August 24, 2009

meet me at Tri Spot

A really terrific place is opening this coming weekend in Buffalo NY! It's the first of it's kind in our neck of the woods.... it's called Tri Spot! Tri Spot is everything you could possibly need for multisport under one roof, the true triathlete's paradise.

I am a horrid photographer, but this is the view from the Brick Room, from where I am standing there is an endless pool to my left, a treadmill to my right, and there are 2 Spinning bikes right there on the edges of the picture. What I thought I was taking a picture of was the openness of the whole store!

This is Luc swimming in the Endless Pool! This pool is open to everyone and anyone, want to rent 30 min? 60 min? Are you a coach of any kind who wants to bring your swimmers in for some training and stroke work? This might be the only place in WNY you can actually do that with no strings attached. Pay a fee to use the pool (CHEAP) and work the rest out between yourselves. Where else around here do they let you do THAT?

This is the view back into the Brick Room. Pretty great, isn't it???????

This is the coffee lounge .... taken standing next to the.......

Computrainer race zone. 10 Computrainers in a semi circle around a flat screen TV. Tri Spot will be holding a winter time trial series every other week throughout the fall and winter. A scored series complete with points and prizes.
Tri Spot is owned by local triathlete Kevin Patterson, who I am very lucky to call a friend. He's the absolute perfect person to come up with this concept (and I know it exists elsewhere). He's personable, he loves this sport, he loves community. He's got one of the best bike mechanics on staff, Will. He's got the area's most awesome massage therapist, Warren. He's got Cervelo, he's got Greg Murnock, Doug Bush two of the most excellent triathlon coaches around.
What I love most about Kevin and Tri Spot is that he's getting rid of the bull. There is no crap about being affiliated with one coach, or stipulations. He's been incredibly welcoming to all of triathlon coaches to bring out athletes down and have fun.
My team will be heading there soon for a lot of testing (ready guys??????) and swim analysis. I can not tell you how overly difficult it is to analyze an athlete's swim stroke around here. In any given pool if you are seen taping, coaching, anything, you are thrown out. To have a place that welcomes athletes and coaches to come in and do their thing...... oh my GAWD! Heaven on earth!
Not only that but they are there for bike fittings, any kind of multisport gear you could imagine: run shoes, bike shoes, Fuel Belts, screen printing, gear gear gear!
Need a VO2 and Lactate Threshold test? Got it! Need coaching? They will hook you up!
You can bring your bike in to Will, while he's working on it (call ahead and make an appt) you can swim, bike and run and then grab a massage and a cup of coffee.
You name it, they've got it. Including a grand opening this weekend. Visit their website for details and we will be sure to see you there!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

dealing with it

Curt had a rough day at Nationals yesterday, he placed 12th in his age group. In 12 years I can tell you that he's had three bad races:

Ironman Hawaii 99, Ironman Canada 01, and Nationals, yesterday. Once while we were racing in Guelph he crashed his bike very bad, got up, straight end out his handlebars and still made top three, dripping blood onto the street behind him.

He's bummed. He's very bummed. When he said he was 12th I said WHAT???????

In all honesty I have probably messed up more races than I have nailed. It always interests me to see how people handle the bad days when they are so used to the good days. For some it really screws with their psyche, I know it will eat at Curt a bit..... but I know it will fuel his fire.

I began thinking about what might have happened for Curt. He's pretty lean right now, preparing for IMAZ. I believe I measured his body fat to be about 8% (Bastard). Believe it or not, leaner isn't always better, just as too heavy is a problem, too light is a problem as well. That fins balance must be struck. Too lean and you lose power, and I think that's what happened to Curt. Quite possibly he had to ride harder than he perceived and that left him with a strangely slower run. He did mention that the long swim crushed him a bit. Normally a 23 minute swimmer in the Intermediate distance he swam a 33. When you see that on your watch though, you automatically know it's a long swim, you put it behind you and you move on.

It will be interesting to see how he deals with it. He's bummed, there's no question about that. He's a much better athlete than his performance showed, no doubt about that.

When things don't pan out as you want them to, you have a few choices. You quit, you get back up, you learn from them. Some days we quit. Some days we get back up and when we step back from ourselves long enough we learn from the tough days. I have learned the most from the awful days I have had (which is why I am so darn wise!!!) I know all of my bad performances are going to lend themselves to the good performances I am coming upon.

In life we can't take things personally. Many athletes take performances personally like somehow they are a loser if they come in dead last or if they are beaten by a certain person.

Anything can happen on race day. Anything.

In 2001 the year after I had my son I was racing in the elite field at the Subaru Triathlon Series in Canada. Not because I thought I was pro quality, but because I wanted to do that the year after a baby. Just to say I could. I racked my bike between Karen Smyers and Lisa Bentley. On a side not I also was pulling the baby jogger. Karen Smyers smiled at me and said "Now that's cool!" and Lisa Bentley..... sweet as pie.

I wasn't intimidated, I was like "LOOK WHERE I RACKED!!!!". Maybe I should have been more intimidated.

That day I was coming off the bike and I was third... it was Smyers, Bentley and me. The crowd roared, I smiled so big..... I ran as hard as I could and the girls kept passing me. I remember thinking..... I AM BEHIND MY IDOLS.... rather than thinking .... oh my gawd I am getting passed.....

It was just the perspective I happened to have been blessed with these days.

At the end of the day this is still a sport. Even if you are a pro, even if your rent depends on it. There are good reasons for sport in our lives, at least we all think so. It's to learn a lot about yourself, it's to learn how to handle pressure, grace, good days, tough days. It's to learn how to handle disappointment, defeat and victory.

At the end of the day we still have homes and families who love us. Toilets to clean, dogs to feed, homework to help with.

Triathlon helps give my life color. It helps me get out of my own way, it teaches me to never stop reaching and never stop learning.

I'm proud of Curt's 12th place. But I would love him if he were dead last too. What I will once again feel admiration for is how he handles himself, disappointment, and how he shows our son what to do when you have a bad day.

Sport.... is the playground, the training ground, for what we do in our real lives.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Three of my athletes are competing at USAT Age Group Nationals right now, and I am thrilled as all get out as they are getting their race on. While there is not online coverage like there is for the Ironman, nothing about USAT Nationals is like the Ironman. The training is different, the nutrition is different and the strategy and pacing are different.

The strategy and pacing are.... go, then go harder..... and finish as hard as you can.

I will admit to feeling absolutely envious of them this morning because I wan to go out and go hard. But I'm about to begin another endurance brick. Through Pumpkinman it's all endurance. All endurance. All twiddling my thumbs. Things are getting longer and steadier and I know why, I know the plan, I know the purpose. On one hand I want something hard to do now now now, and on the ither hand.... I should be enjoying the vacation because between Pumpkinman and Clearwater there is hell to pay.

I shouldn't say that endurance work is all boring. There are the foundational items that I must keep working to solidify. My higher running cadence, my running form (I am doing a complete run analysis this fall with the team!!!!) I can't have the top of the mountain without building the bottom of the mountain.

I must keep nailing down nutrition. I am turning my mind into a running mind. I am turning my body into a running body. These is a lot of instruction and purpose in this training and I am wrong to gloss over the next few weeks as "easy weeks". I have a boatload of work in the pool coming, there's intensity grasshopper!

Next weekend one of the QT2 Coaches, Michelle is coming to Ithaca and I will be joining her for a long ride. She qualified for Kona in Arizona last year and is healing a stress fracture. Still, she's deadly. In preparation I begged the Wizard to allow me to carbo load for my ride with her and he said:

"You get a carb load like you get bacon and eggs the morning of Clearwater!"

So that means..... no?

I am so looking forward to the ride and hanging out with Michelle. I have been coaching for 5 years now and it's wonderful to be in the role of the student again. I am learning so much from this team and the Wizard. I am learning to be the athlete again.

I love that.

Best of luck to all of the awesome folks at USAT Age Group Nationals this morning, to those at Timberman, and to those resting up for Kentucky next week!

Friday, August 21, 2009

back home

I don't live where I grew up... I live about 60 minutes away, and until I joined Face Book last fall I was relatively anonymous again. In fact, if you are my friend on Face Book you might notice my abnormally long name. The middle two names... that's who I was growing up. It's kind of strange and neat at the same time to have a completely different name as an adult than I did as a kid.

It happened on accident, it happened when I began competing. My middle name is Michal pronounced as the boy's name Michael. When I began competing they always entered me into the men's division. So I went by my first name. Then I met this world of people who called me Mary. Then I got married and eclipsed every person I grew up with. Except Jill. :-)

Old friends call me Michal, new friends call me Mary, either is fine with me. In fact at the hospital I was Michal and when I switched to Pediatrics they started calling me Mary, I never even noticed until they asked me why I was signing my name Michal when my name was Mary.

So then I was Mary.

The greatest thing about living 60 minutes from home are Grandparents. They are close enough and far enough. I always joke to my sister that they never have to stay overnight. Ina ll honesty I am very blessed, I have a good family, I have very great parents and they love being able to spend time with Luc (SPOIL) and he loves going to Granny's. So when Curt is away I can bounce from Rochester to Buffalo and work and train.

We came into town yesterday and stopped at Rich and Teena's, these guys are my true family. Don't get me wrong I have an amazing sister but when she lives in Paris.... I don't get there every weekend. I do have a brother in Georgia... but it's one of those relationships where it's just best not to have one. We are both happier that way.

Luc got to play with Rich and Teena's little ones, they rode bikes and chased the cat and laughed. Rich and Teena.... met at my baby shower. Cool.

We then headed to the Snow Park in Niagara Falls. Check it out here. In the middle of the summer we went tubing and played in the snow.... outside. I am not sure why we did something that we can do 10 months of the year.... perhaps because we could (I will post pictures later, they are on Face Book, friend me if you want!) It was definitely cool. There's a skating rink too, but Luc.... not much fo a skater yet. He's getting great with his balance issues but he will tell me when he's ready!

Growing up in Buffalo...... a trip to Niagara Falls becomes like a trip to Wegman's. I haven't seen the Falls in 10 years.... and Luc had never been there. So we went and .... wow. I experienced one of the seven wonders of the world through my own child's eye. An entirely new experience. We didn't have time to do the Maid of the Mist or the Tunnels but I am checking my calendar to see when we will come back. It will be soon and with Curt along.

After dinner at my parent's I set out for my run. I covered these streets in my youth a thousand times but for the first time in years, probably because I am back in touch with so many people..... I actually allowed myself to get caught in the memories. Hickory Hill, the swim club we belonged to, summer swim meets. See.... there were good times.

I ran through Green lake where I spent years as a lifeguard.... I ran through the cemetery and stopped. I have too many friends buried there. How many? a few but in my opinion.... one is too many. That was the hard part.

There's so much new development in this town. My grade school, the four corners..... I thought about the time my sister, brother and I were driving home and the tire blew. We walked four miles together and didn't kill each other.

I thought about the many days hanging over at Smoke's Creek. The walks the bike rides, the times at the Guard Shack. Yes the memories can get painful but that was because I allowed those memories to be bigger than the good ones.

Good times were had here and it's taken me a while to realize it.

AS I walked down the street I grew up on I was flooded with memories of Ghost in the Graveyard, Kick the Can, the time I crashed my bike racing my across the street neighbor, the pool parties.......

My across the street neighbor was a Funeral Director. Halloween at the Quinn's was an event. An absolute event. Coffins, pretend dead bodies (were they???), no one did it scareier ever before or ever since. We all remember that. We remember that well.

And here is my son playing on the same driveway, on new and improved playgrounds, asking me what life was like when I was a kid.

He can't believe we didn't have the Internet. I felt the same way when my Dad told me he had no TV.

How times change.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

clearwater or bust!

I am getting so excited about Clearwater 2009. I did this race in 2006, the inaugural year and swore I'd never go back. Why? Drafting. Draftfest. The drafting was so horrible that it made Eagleman and Ironman Florida look.... like there was no drafting. Now, in those 2 races drafting is truly a choice. I had never been in a race where it was not a choice. At Clearwater 2006 drafting was forced.

The bike course that year was a good one, don't get me wrong. I think they played it smart using the inner lanes of the highway (or whatever road it was called). This way the local traffic had the outside lanes and could enter and exit as desired.

Once the drafting began however you were truly trapped. TRAPPED. If you moved to the right, you were in bumper to bumper traffic. People were riding four abreast. If you tried to slow down, there were 60 people behind you and you could not. I rode an easy 2:25 in my bullhorns. It was rediculous.

I chose to go again this year because I hope that has changed. After disaster after disaster in 2008 I wanted to set myself a goal for 2009 that would pull me out of the crash pattern I was in. Even though I crashed my bike weeks before Longhorn 70.3 I was able to complete the race, slowly and grabbed a roll down spot to Clearwater. And then I took some time off and healed.

I am now.... getting itchy. I have not done one single speedwork session since before the Musselman, but I was warned of that. I have been back in the weight room, back in zone 1, back to focusing on dropping pounds. Next week there is no speedwork either. Now I have my histogram, I know exactly when it starts, how it will flow and I am beginning to get a little itchy for it.

I am itchy for running speedwork. Note this, as I have dropped pounds my runs have gotten faster (wished I would have shown that off on Sunday ratehr than have myself a little party....) That will all come, and there is a plan and I trust my coach and my plan more than anything in the world.

Good things come to those who wait.

Remember the psycho girl form the Musselman? Well the best part of her is that I have made a whole slew of friends from Syracuse, and many whom are going to be in Clearwater!!!! I didn't know so many locals (well, just a town over) were going to be there!!!!!

We've already begun to plan the Saturday night extravaganza. Kristen R. promised me we could split a beer. I can finally tell Matt M. Curt has a man crush on him (sorry Ryan). I met a great gal on Sunday who was in Clearwater 2006 and will be there again this year!

And this is where the best part of this sport shines through. The people. The feeling like every race is a family reunion..... our kind of family reunion. While we all just met recently there is a feeling and a connection that feels like it has been there for years.

Not only are the locals going but each week another one of my national buds seems to grab a slot. And I am going to be absolutely catching up with them, I haven't seen many and haven't met many in ages.

There is just something about this sport that is unlike any other. The hugs we exchange at the end of the race all sweaty and skanky. The laughs we share over a crazy swim start or bike course greetings, or who did what on the run. Those are the memories I treasure so much more than a place or a time. So much more.

While I will be targeting a certain time, while I will be gearing up to have my very own best day there..... I will be cheering for all the incredible people that I know. Kristen R. told me of how she fractured her pelvis a few years ago and was unable to travel to Kona to compete. Another friend was hit by a car last year...... we all bring our own horror stories, our stories of perseverance and grit.

And we made it. We will make it and we will continue to make it.

The last time I was at that post race dinner on the beach I was with really, really wonderful friends. And I will be again this year!

YEAH! Now bring on that run!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

nice run split

I knew that on Sunday the plan was two fold. I didn't have enough foresight to think about how I would play exactly into what The Wizard had hoped to happen, but a good coach knows his athletes, and The Wizard knows me. He's good.

All week I dreamt of that bike course. 14 miles of hard. Knowing the women would be sent 5 minutes before the men and having the leash taken off..... I wanted to lead that field the entire time. And I did (until the run.) Notice my theme here, notice where my mind was all week long..... on that bike.

Sunday morning my dream scenario was realized. I had a blazing sun, I had open road, I had a Police car leading me and I had 200 people in pursuit..... of me. I love racing off the front. I love the feeling of being chased.

I also wanted to make sure I still "had it". Yes, my training data showed that I am still the strong cyclist I have always been, but being held back and having to bike 2:45's for my last 2 70.3 races, when I am a 2:30 cyclist...... did leave me wondering. Do I still have it on the bike? I knew it was my one and only chance for the entire season to balls out, hammer down and let myself be chased.

It still gives me goosebumps.

The Wizard immediately pointed out to me that all I spoke of was the bike, after the race.

You still need to work on becoming a runner.

Oh crap, I thought, I played right into his hands because today he was all about proving a point. And a point he proved. So why did I run my training pace on Sunday? Why did I allow myself to be swallowed up? Why was I content with that?

Why was I cheering the other competitors on during those 3 miles..... this isn't a cheerleading squad it's a race mary! I was so focused on the bike, that I never brought my mojo to the run..... I never ever do.

Why did I run without my Garmin? Or a watch? I am not at the level yet where I can feel the pace. I could be running an 8 minute mile and think I was running a 6.... really!!!!!! That Garmin should have been on my wrist because had I realized I was running a half ironman pace in a sprint race..... you'd better believe a fire would have been lit under my ass.

I got it. I told The Wizard. I got it. Lesson was learned and thank goodness I learned it in a small race and not Clearwater. I have the bike data to prove I can bike..... I have the run data to prove I can run..... so why did I choose to only apply myself for the bike.... only get psyched up for the bike and run like..... a wimp?

That makes me smile this morning. The lesson is realized, the game is on. I am becoming a runner.

Keep your eye on me.... I had told Doctor Carl Johnston PhD. I have heard nice bike split all my life.... the three words I now want to hear..... nice run split.

That's why I am here. That's why I came to The Wizard and QT2. Not to remain a fly on the bike die on the run athlete, but to become the best triathlete I can possibly be. It begins with the space between my ears and the attitude that I bring to running. In the past 13 weeks I have fallen in love with running before. I have to get over the wow... I can't believe I am running so well feeling and take it on like I used to take on the bike. Make it my territory, not allow it to be the place where I get caught and smile and cheer.

Hurt on the run like I can accept hurting on the bike. In a race, when it matters. That's what I am here for. That's what I have worked for, and that's what I am going to reach out and grab.

Monday, August 17, 2009

food log

Race report from Sodus posted below, I just wanted to get this food log up and address some questions, and make a few points.

1. This is not a low carbohydrate diet. I work with a girl who is a bodybuilder, I am not sure whether she competes in body building, or figure.... I don't know all of the terminologies of that sport. She and I joke around a lot as I know exactly when she is cutting carbs.... because she's one hell of a crank. She knows that, I tell her that. That's for bodybuilding, that's not what I do. HELL NO. You will notice I tracked the carbs, fat, protein and calories for the day also (see below). This is not a low carbohydrate diet, this is getting carbs from better sources.

2. Before I would easily live on bagels all day long. Do I miss the bagels? I really don't. The first month or so I would sneak a few in but then.... my taste changed. After the race yesterday I walked into a convenience store intending on getting something bad, a snow ball, a candy bar, something...... and nothing at all appealed to me. I walked out with a bottle of water and a banana.

3. Weight loss rate has been 1/2 pound per week.

4. Fats: notice fat sources are good fat sources!

5. I eat much too much chicken..... one goal this week is to expand that to salmon, shrimp, and other lean meats.

Here is today, and all I had in tap for today was a 50 minute swim. My training week is 16 hours this week (I tired to line the columns best I could!)

Time Food calories fat carbs protein

5am EZ bread 80 0.5 15 4
protein drink 100 15
1 banana 110 0 29 1
1 tbsp olivio spread 50 6 0 0

8am 1 cage free egg 70 4 0 6

10am pureed mango 100 0 26 1

12 noon

2 cups sweet baby lettuce 100 0 6 3
6 ounces lean chicken 150 4 0 25
1 cup broccoli 50 0 8 5
1 cup cauliflower 34 0.4 6.8 2.9
8 oz greek yogurt 160 0 18 22
1 tbsp olive oil (dressing) 120 14 0 0

3pm 1 apple 65 0.2 17.3 0.3
8 oz greek yogurt 160 0 18 22

5pm 4 ounces canned chicken 150 2.5 2 20
1/4 salsa 10 0 1 0.2

7pm apple 65 0.2 17.3 0.3

9pm protein drink 100 0 29 1


Calories: about 1674

Fat: about 31.8 grams

Carbohydrates: about 193 grams

Protein: about 128 grams.

Remember the goal: the goal of this is a heathier way of eating. While this is the way I choose to eat, it may or may not be right for you. Don't want to give up your sweets? Then don't! Take all of this for what it's worth! And thanks for the questions!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sodus Point Triathlon Race Report

I love to ride my bike. I love to ride my bike fast. I love to ride my bike in the sun. The only thing I like better is leading the bike in a field of 200 athletes, following a police car in 92 degree heat. When you tell me to find my happy place..... that's my happy place.

The Sodus Point Triathlon is a great little race up in Sodus Point, right on Lake Ontario. While the field was small it was certainly full of talent and as per my last post I had laid out the challenge to Johnston.... excuse me... Carl Johnston..... oops..... Doctor Carl Johnston.... where do I put that pHd? Or is it PhD..... I forget how these things go? I should be kinder to Johnston, his 2 daughters just spent the last 92 days cycling across the country and have been sending him taunting text messages of dipping bike wheels in the Pacific and preparing their own Buffalo. While I am pissed that I was somehow not invited on that trip.... I reminded him at least they didn't send him the pictures of keg stands and wet t shirt contests.

I am always here to help.

I have not raced a sprint in over a year, I haven't raced even a local sprint in over a year and our area is abundant with these. Reminder to self: beg The Wizard to schedule more of these.

Lake Ontario was somehow flat this morning which absolutely bummed me out. Lake Ontario is notorious for "turning over", lots of cold water and waves, not this morning. But it would make for a nice swim. I wore the Blue Seventy Full Sleeve suit and every stroke I took I wished I had worn the Blue Seventy Point Zero3 that I have. It would have been perfect for this race!

The swim was fine, I felt good, I laughed to myself that this little race would be my first speed session since the first week in July .... so get your bootie moving Mary! I was able to exit the water second woman and was first out on the bike course.

The men began 5 minutes behind us and this allowed Doctor Carl Johnston PhD to chase me down and also allowed me to completely haul ass. I knew full well that this would be the only opportunity I had to ride like I wanted to. I know what I would hear is "nice bike split". This would be a nice bike split kind of day. There is no pacing in a sprint, no holding back, and my next 2 races are 1/2 Ironman races which will be full of control and wattage. So I was allowed to have at it.

The bike course was awesome. Rolling hills, good roads, great sunshine...... and a cop car to follow. Towards the end during the last mile I noticed a girl in pink with a pink bike make a right hand turn on to the bike course. As I got closer I realized she was wearing a timing chip. Pulling up to her I commented that I thought she had made a wrong turn, because I had been following the cop car the whole way.

She told me how she was directed to turn at one intersection.... ugh. I thought. Ugh. While it is the responsibility of the athlete to know the course, it's hard when you are told what to do...... I told her to just keep going. If it were me I would have made a training day of it. Later on I realized she had in fact dropped out and I kicked myself. While I didn't want to not say anything..... I don't know..... I wished she would have made a training day of it!

Onto the run I wasn't sure my legs were coming with me. The run is a 2 looper through a little beach town and I got the lead bike by Boots. The first male didn't catch me until about the first 1/2 mile and Doctor Carl Johnston PhD didn't catch me until just a bit later. The guys all looked great and I was expecting myself to be caught any second, my friend Kathleen is great at running me down and I saw her come in on the bike.

At the half way point my legs came around and for the first time in my life during a run I began to pick up the pace. During a run! I picked up the pace! Kathleen still caught me with 1/4 mile to go but I was so elated that I was running faster at the end..... that I couldn't help but be the most smiling girl out there!

That run is coming. I don't' know what the split it yet, it isn't stellar but had I timed loop one and loop two there was a definite improvement. I am running better, the faster part is coming. And I can feel it.

Finishing the race with a nice little hometown crowd and cheer was fantastic, I congratted Kathleen and Doctor Carl Johnston PhD and began my cool down run.

The worst part of a cool down run is that people keep cheering for you. I smiled, said thank you and turned off the course, got chased down by a kind volunteer and thanked them again, while I let them know I was just cooling down! I felt so bad!

As I was running my 30 minutes I smiled. I felt too good. Here. The Wizard shall give me a talking to about that. It's coming and it's coming in stages. I have to get over this.... oh my goodness I feel so good while I am running..... feeling and move into hurting on the run and handling that like I can on the bike.

Sure enough, that's exactly what he said.

Through the past year I have been through a lot, and coming to a hometown sprint race was just what I needed. It's like a fresh start, a few years ago I finished this race 3 minutes faster and 7 minutes in front of Kathleen.... a lot has happened between then and now. I have learned to let go of those bench marks like I have let go of the super swimmer I was in college when I swam 10,000+ yards every day.

Afterwards I hung out with Kathleen and her husband and was so tempted to accept the beer they offered me (with my luck I would get a DWI on the way home). We missed our names at the awards ceremony but we caught up, we haven't caught up in over a year.

There's just something about the hometown race. The people are changing, the old schoolers like Doctor Carl Johnston PhD, Mike Baxter, Dennis Moriarty, Lyn Fuller, Kathleen.... they are all still around. Doctor Carl Johnston PhD reminded me of the early days when I was just a pup and we went to the World Championships in Disney World ...... I remember that he was the only one of his little posse group who didn't get naked at my wedding as the guys changed from bike to wedding clothes in the parking lot (I have video)..... and I remember a lot of laughing.

Today gets to be one of those kinds of memories, tucked away so that when I visit Doctor Carl Johnston PhD in the triathlon nursing home.... I will mock out his titanium walker..... offer him a non alcoholic beer.... ask him how his bowels are doing..... and we can revisit the old days.

The days when I could keep a 5 minute start lead until the run. And the day that's coming...... when I can finally out run his old butt.

Good times.

I need to send out a giant shout to my coach and my team: I am very very very very lucky that Coach Jesse Korplenicki and the QT2 Team have been working with me since May of this year. Under Coach Jesse (The Wizard) I have been on the road to a comeback and performances I have only dreamt of. Thank you Jesse and QT2!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

look out johnston

This is from Spring Forward 2008, that's Travis Earley on your left and CJ (Carl Johnston) on your right. The old guy. Me in the middle. We are all BFF. Totally.

I was in the store the other day when I ran across a fellow triathlete. They heard I was racing in Sodus on Sunday..... what was my strategy, who was I there to beat? What is the plan?

What's the plan? Um, it's a sprint race. There is no strategy. Go as hard as I can. Who are you there to beat???? There to beat? I don't know who is racing! I am there to beat myself. They were not satisfied with that. I think what they wanted was a name, a war, a smackdown. So I gave them a name.

Johnston. I said. I will be there to take down Johnston. A strange look came back at me and I repeated it. Carl Johnston. You tell him I am coming for him.

Disclaimer: if I had a chance at taking down Johnston .... okay I have no chance in absolute hell of taking down Johnston......

People go to races for different reasons. People race under different motivations. For some it's a podium spot and for others it's time. I am one of those time people. I look at the course, try to figure out (with the wizard of course) what I should be able to do and then I try to nail that.

Let's say I was really actually coming to hunt down Johnston. So I get myself all worked up for it, ready, drooling at the mouth for the win...... I think that makes me a little, I don't know..... crazy? Will it really make a difference at the end of the day if I take him down? Some people are like that, if they beat so and so..... then they have suddenly arrived in the world! Then on race day I am so focused on kicking his ass that I can't even be nice, or if we do speak then I have an agenda.... what's going on with him, how can I get inside of his head..... (oh my GAWD this is a sprint race, back off girl).... then the gun goes off and I am racing for blood.

He gets a flat, drops out and is at the finish line. All of my efforts have gone to waste. All of that energy that I could have used positively just went flat.

Wow. Those people are the ones I stay away from.

Because when people show you who they are..... believe them.

Instead I approach racing so much differently. I go by time because I can control time, I can not control Johnston. I can not control people. I might see the lake is wavy, I know how much time that will add on. Wind on the bike? I know how I can use it. Run? I know what I need to run to hit the goal we have set. Whether that earns me fourth, first or last it's energy better used...... for me at least.

I just love all of the people I get to race with (even Johnston) that I can't get caught up in trying to beat a certain person in order to falsely elevate my own self esteem. I think we are all out there to better one another's game. I think we are all out there to push each other, to laugh with each other, to have...... fun.... with each other.

I target my husband at Ironman Florida..... because man if I can finish an Ironman with one of my heroes in life and in sport I will pass the heck OUT! It would be a day of him convincing me that I could, that I can, that I will.....

Isn't that what this is about?

I ignore the top athletes who claim they don't train at all and consistently win races and run 5 minute miles. Why be ashamed of your training and your ability? Why hide behind your competitive nature and claim it doesn't matter? It matters, it's fun, don't let it be personal, let it help you in your own personal game. I ignore the athletes (and some have said it ...) whose goal is to beat me.

Because this is just a sport. In sport we have the opportunity to live out our own dreams and reach our own goals. If your ultimate goal in life is to beat Mary Eggers....... geez...... I would have to say..... get a life, and don't teach that kind of stuff to your kids!

I will tell you that on Sunday should the women begin first I am aiming to not let Johnston catch me before the end of the bike. Those are the fun goals to have. He knows he is in the chase and the game has begun. He's an old friend (and an old man) who knows he can push me to a better game. It's not personal, it's freaking fun!

Those are the athletes I stick with. Have a little fun, talk a little smack, at the end of the day we will laugh on the beach, trade stories of how close I came, or maybe I will even hold him off till I hit the run (dream)...... or I will marvel at how fast he is at his age...... and it will be fun.

If it can't be fun...... I don't get the point!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yoga for athletes

Look for another food log posting on Friday, I want to encapsulate a "normal" day of training and of working, so that day is coming yet!

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about a really neat event coming up in October. As you know for the past 5 years I have been teaching yoga at Breathe in Pittsford NY. I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years. My foundations began in Ashtanga, I studied with Baron Baptiste and most recently Sean Corn. I don't have the "I have studied with" resume that many yoga teachers have, but a long time ago I learned that the secret to learning, the secret to yoga are the lessons you learn right on your own mat.

I began practicing yoga because I had lost flexibility. I stayed on my mat for an entirely different reason. What drew me to the Baptiste style of yoga (which is highly influenced by Ashtanga) was the athletic nature of it, the 90 degree heat and the sweat. There is a lot of sweat.

For years I have begged athletes to step into the studio. Any studio, all yoga is good yoga, I don't' care how "good" or "Bad" the teacher is. I have never taken a class that I didn't get something out of. If you are blaming the teacher then you need to look at yourself.

Bridging the cap between yoga and athletes has been extremely difficult for me, and a gap that I understand. When someone is training for triathlon, lacrosse, hockey XX hours per week the last thing they ca afford to do with their time is spend another 75 minutes in a yoga studio, plus the drive to and from. I get that.

The Baptiste style of yoga, power yoga if you want to call it that.... attracts the type A personality. It's vigorous, it's intense, it's full of tension..... and by tension I don't mean good or bad.... just the tension that type A people seem to thrive on. That includes me.

So I decided to do something about it, and this is where it gets very cool for me. I have developed a 25 minute power yoga sequence based on the Baptiste Power Yoga Flow.... designed for the athlete, by an athlete (me!) do do at home. In your own space, after your workout.

What will a yoga practice do for you? We all know that in terms of endurance sports strength training likely will slow you down. That's why we get in and out of that weight room asap. With that being said we know that strength can help protect the muscles.

What are the biggest areas of injury??? Not so much the big muscles...... the big muscles are in good condition. IT bands, ankles, Achilles tendons, the smaller muscles, tendons and more specifically the connective tissue that binds these all together.... are the hot spots of our bodies.

Yoga..... helps to condition and strengthen those smaller muscles. Especially the connective tissue. Connective tissue is what binds it all together and it is every difficult to strengthen, and it is difficult to heal. Sean Corn recently described CT as taffy..... you can not just pull and stretch it. You have to apply heat, like pressing your thumb into taffy. Once the taffy is heated now it can bend, stretch and strengthen.

That's a very good and simplistic description of what yoga does for connective tissue. Because when it all comes down to it we as athletes are only as strong as our weakest link.

So at Breathe we developed "Yoga for athletes". It's a 3 week series where you will learn this 25 minute sequence. I will break down yoga for you, I will review alignment of every single pose in this sequence, we will demystify and take out the elite-yoga-intimidation that exists (FYI: that elite squad exists in every single place in the world: yoga, bowling and even triathlon..... get over it...... these things are for everyone).

Secondly, within this workshop series you will learn about nutrition. Not the Core Diet, that's Jesse's. I am partnering with Lauri Boone, one of Breathe's new registered dietitians and sports nutritionists, (she's worked with professional teams in the NHL and many elite athletes). Lauri will teach you the basics of fueling your body on and off the field, during competition and at rest. Learn which supplements are bogus and which ones you really need.

Our goal during this 3 week series is to get your into the door of yoga, learn that's it's not all chanting and incense. It's for everyone, every body, every soul. You will likely come for the physical practice. Somewhere in there you will be very surprised to find a heightened level of focus, of presence, and that will be the suprise factor that will come through in your performance. Trust me on that one.

Here are the details:

Yoga for Athletes.

Tuesday October 6, 13 and 20th.

7:30-8:45pm, half yoga half nutrition.

$45 for the whole series (and some free goodies in there for you as well).

Please register ASAP, we do have limited spaces and we expect these to fill! Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions!!!! Call 585.248.9070 and check out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

keep your eye on me (and day off food log)

My food log for my day off is posted at the end!

"Keep your eye on me." I told my husband on Sunday. "Keep your eye on me." I don't know if he smiled on the inside, he smirked on the outside. He had just thrown down the ultimate smackdown. The challenge beyond all challenges.

"Head to head.... Ironman 2010. Same course"

It made my heart beat fast! Head to head! An Eggers versus Eggers Ironman showdown! Smackdown! Hooray! Then he did make this abundantly clear:

"Just for the record...... if by some miracle we are running together down the finisher's chute..... I would resort to tripping and or tackling you so that I came across first." I laughed. Can you imagine that scene on Ironman dot com? Eggers running side by side and getting into a brawl at the finish line.... me sticking my left ankle over the line first......

Don't tell Curt I told you this but if I am anywhere near him.... even in the same zipcode during an Ironman then I will be the happiest kid in the world.

I reviewed the calculations as presented to me by the Wizard. I actually don't have to train any harder.

Right now I am 15 pounds lighter than when I did Ironman Florida in 2007 and went 10:58.
By that date I will be 15 pounds lighter still. (I have only 8 to go for this season.... we will lose that next 5 next season......) If you have weight to lose..... if you have weight to lose..... and I repeat if you have weight to lose..... 20 pounds means an hour off your Iornman time. So a full 30? My goal is attainable and I have to work as hard as I have been working. No harder.

Now: let it be known, if I get greedy and try to go too light.... that will add injury, stress fracture, illness and injury. I wont' get there then.

"Keep your eye on me." I told my husband, "All I have to do is get leaner." And do it the right way, the way I have been.

Dangerous for a girl with an eating disordered past such as mine to pin the finish time on weight. But for the first time in all of my years I understand the connection between proper body composition and performance. I understand proper nutrition and performance. We know that lean is good, but the question was.... how lean? You don't go by the number on the scale only. That's a guide. You measure your body fat each week, calipers. You monitor how you feel. You listen to your body. You let it come slow.

Believe me you I am being so careful. I am being monitored by the Wizard, my husband and pretty much everyone in my circle. They have their eye on me!

I get to race this weekend and I am so looking forward to it. I don't race locally as much as I want to, I have been hitting the bigger races and loving the travel. I get to race up at the lake in a beautifully stellar women's field. Hopefully the sun will shine and great fun will be had. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I know that the real improvements will be seen in my performance beginning right about now..... through Clearwater. We have this second 10 pounds to lose (8 to go!) and next week: we welcome back hill repeats, trackwork, and all that good stuff. I have begun the necessary work in the pool, I have begun the necessary mental homework.

Pumpkinman 1/2 Ironman will be another test of pacing, I will race that again controlled (argh!), then we get down to the nitty gritty, the good stuff. I can't wait.

Here is my typical food log for a day without training:

  • 6am: protein powder + water, 1 banana, 1 cage free egg, 1/2 cup coffee
  • 8am: greek yogurt with berries, green tea
  • 10am: apple
  • 12 noon 2 cups sweet baby lettuce, 1 cup Purdue grilled chicken strips, topped with carrots, celery, onions and my homemade vinaigrette dressing, 1/2 cup cauliflower, pureed mango topped with blueberries.
  • 3pm: greek yogurt with berries
  • 5pm: apple
  • 6pm: 1 oz grilled chicken with broccoli, salad.
  • 8pm: protein drink with water.

As I write it down it does not seem like a lot. I feel like I eat all of the time!

Monday, August 10, 2009

long day

My long ride this week was exhilarating. Not in terms of effort, just a steady ride but any time I ride to Naples I fall in love with this area even more. It squashes away my Hawaiian dreams. Although it was raining it was a warm rain. I don't care how much it rains, if the rain is warm then I am happy.

Today's food log demonstrates what I eat on a four hour training day. I biked for 3:30 and ran off the bike for 30 minutes. The feeling I used to have after a four hour workout was a feeling of pure ravenous-ness (is that a word)? But as I fuel better during, afterwards is just a normal day.

Remember the goals: the big goal for me being 4 fruits and 4 veggies. And protein. For reference here is a good power point presentation to check out.

  • 6am: Protein Drink (I use Whey to go Chocolate flavor a Whey Protein. I mix it water), 1 banana, and 1 slice Ezekiel 4:1 bread (a flourless bread made from sprouts, so I guess not a bread at all!). In the hour window before you are looking for higher glycemic, which is the bread. This is also pretty much my pre race breakfast.

  • 7am: During the 3:30 ride I have: 4 bottles of Power Bar Endurance (3 scoops each), every 30 minutes I had 1/2 powerbar, (totalled to 3 powerbars) and at 3:30 1 powergel (as I still have a 30 min run to do).

  • 11am post workout: 2.5 cups of skim milk with 3 tbsp of chocolate syrup.

  • 12Noon: back to the core: 2 cups of sweet baby lettuce, grilled chicken on top, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, Greek yogurt with strawberries.

  • 2pm: pureed mango with blueberries. 3-4 "Mary's Gone" crackers made from flax seed.

  • 4pm: apple

  • 6pm: Dinner out! Grilled chicken with corn and cottage cheese. House salad. Tea.

  • 8pm: protein drink with water.

Now a long day might not look like I eat much..... but honestly after eating my brains out for nearly four hours during my workout I have to force myself to eat. In the past after a four hour workout I'd need to nap, I'd need to recover and now, I take an ice bath, a shower and then I can go and do fun things like swim with Luc and Curt the rest of the day!