Saturday, December 5, 2009

to come......

Here is a picture one of my athletes got in Clearwater...... there's no age group drafting there!

What a night. I looked up at my husband as I hung my head over the proverbial barf bucket and I made sure to thank him. I remember feeling the same way when I was in labor. We had gotten to the hospital for an induction, and they placed "the gel" in me at 4pm. I sent him out for a run, we weren't having the official induction until 7am the next morning, have fun honey!

2 hours later he came back to me sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing, snot running from my nose in full on labor, getting an epidural. My water broke and I sobbed "I'm incontinent" (nurse speak). I swear it's times like those when you realize the true meaning of love.

This morning Luc was reassuring, as he promised me he would straighten things out with Santa:

"Mom I will tell Santa that you didn't sleep because you were sick, not because you were being bad."


The big meeting with Jesse.... aka: The Wizard.... is tomorrow. Between now and then I have a few items of homework: running form video and power test on the bike. As long as the re hydration plan works then that power test will be on. The run video will take just a few minutes. I am most excited about this part. While I have worked really hard on my running paces and running zones.... I have never had a coach who has walked me through the process of working on running form.

What I hope to do one year from now is show your the before and after video, the before and after times, and the upward slope of improvement. I am planning on taping my running on a regular basis. Next month when I do make that trip to Boston I will be able to work with him in person on it. It's so exciting when there is room for improvement. I am heading into my best endurance years, and I still have room to improve things on the swim, bike and run.

Opportunity is abundant! That's what I hope to pass on to you.

After our meeting I will let you know about our goals on all fronts, the races we plan on hitting and what tips I was given for my running form. I might even post the video so you can see that.

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Charisa said...

HAHA - that draftwater picture is classic :)